He didn’t expect Zhao Xiaoli to threaten him with this kind of thing.。
But think about it, if you really say it as Zhao Xiaoli.,It seems that the security captain really can do this.。
After all, since Zhaojia Village sold,His village head is basically nothing to say.。
Prestige is even more,No one obey him in the root。
People in several villages in this pig farm on weekdays,Seeing him is also an ignorant。
This change makes him uncomfortable。
“Hey-hey,Zhao factory long,You are too serious.,I just want to give you a door.,This is still a big door of this pig farm.!But I heard that you have to divorce.,Is there this??”
Who are you listening??”
Zhao Xiaoli did not expect this thing she wants to divorce.。
After all, this whole thing,On the same, Li Hui is also known as Liu Dafu.。
Even my brother, she didn’t mention a mouth.。
“Who is still saying?,It is definitely your husband Liu Dafu!After all, I have known him for many years.,I heard that someone outside you have.?”
“Humph,Zhao Village,You also manage these things?”
“Regardless of,Regardless of,How can I get a family affairs?,I just ask,I want to persuade you to have a good day.。”
“OK!That Zhao Village is also known far away.,I also advise you.,Less woman,Otherwise it will be retribution。”
Say,Zhao Xiaoli directly took the lotus,Torp the waist and go in。
Looking at Zhao Xiaoli Na’s figure,Zhao Pengyu’s eyes are red。
“Humph,I will let you know my power soon.。”
Say,Zhao Pengyu is also directly riding a motorcycle back.。
Thinking of now your wife every day in lotus village,Think about Zhao Xiaoli’s words,He is more angry in his heart.。
But thinking of Liu Dafu said things,He feels。
When I contact a mixer in the village who drinks a meat together in a few next day。
As for what he wants to do,Zhao Xiaoli does not know,She only knows that Liu Dafu is getting more and more face.。
Actually, this kind of thing will be promoted.。
Next, she is afraid to put Li with the wind.。
At this time, Li Hui Feng has been riding a motorcycle to Song Jia Village.,Then walk along the rugged mountain road.。
When I arrive at Zhang Ling’s Taoism,Li Hui also found a trace of unusual。
The monkeys in the mountains actually don’t see it.,Moreover, the trees around the way are more faintly withered.。
Because it is early morning,There is no one in the mountains.。
Zhang Qiling is also waiting for Li with the wind.。
“Lee brother,am I right?
Look at me here,Is it just like something like this surrounding??”
“Um,Indeed,But in order to confirm it.,I need to observe first.。”
Li Hui said with the wind and sitting directly,Operational。
His hands are pressed directly on a tree,Then the world in his mind is changed.。
Taoist back mountain,Actually there is a snake to practice there。
And that snake,Li Hui Feng feels some familiarity,It seems to be big black。
I remember some of the fairy springs.,Then start the evolutionary road。