Tongan Market Supervisory Authority inspection farmer’s market situation.

(Tongan Market Supervisory Authority for map) Reuters Xiamen (Xiamen Daily Reporter correspondent Lu Zhang Hua Huang Jingyi) laying one meter line bar line prompt, scrolling epidemic prevention and control Tips language, every four hours once disinfection, shopping cart, Shopping basket regularly disinfected …… in recent days, Tongan continue to fall off the fine implement strict epidemic prevention and control regulatory initiatives, farmers’ markets and build a strong super fight against SARS "protective wall" for consumers to create clean shopping environment.

  Small vegetables, loaded with big people’s livelihood. Tong’an District grabs the epidemic prevention and control, one hand to catch the market, ensure the supply and price of the "vegetable basket" product market supply and price, effectively protect the basic life needs of the masses, and fully guarantee the supply of necessities in the area, the supply of life necessities is not complex, and the file is not allowed. Epidemic prevention and control is not slack farmer’s market all the people wearing masks "into the farmers market please wear a mask, to produce health code, with body temperature, keep a distance within the market, do not gather ……" August 3 morning, in the west of Tongan farmers market , I saw one wearing a mask in public order with the staff entrance temperature measurement, registration information, broadcast on epidemic prevention and control which sounded warm reminder build Tongan "basket" epidemic prevention and control "safety net." In order to strengthen farmers’ markets epidemic prevention and control work, Tongan Market Supervisory Authority led, District Publicity Department, the District Urban Management Bureau, Public Security Bureau and other departments in conjunction with the August 3-4 days to West farmers market as a pilot linkage inspections Steering requires people to enter the market with the full implementation of the operators wear masks, admission temperature check code.

After the pilot is completed, it will be promoted in the farmers’ market in the district.

  According to the site staff, there is a public in the pilot process to wear a mask. In order to facilitate the masses, the same renewal industry has actively "bridge", contacting the qualified unit to introduce the mask vending machine, ensuring the prevention and control needs, and convenient public purchase wear Facial mask.

At the same time, it is not possible to purchase for the elderly, and the same renewal industry provides a mask for the elderly. "Farmers market as necessary to place the masses of everyday life, and life of the masses is closely related to the market environment and the staff do a good job in the prevention and control of management, ‘vegetable basket’ security is essential to cut off the spread of the epidemic and security." Tongan Market Supervision and Management Bureau official said.

  In addition to the whole process of the farmer’s market, the Tongan District will jointly discourage the joint persuasion of the whole people in public places, regulate the good habits of the whole district to develop "into the public place to wear masks".

  Refinement comprehensive prevention and control measures of supervision and inspection ultra-large "customers Hello, new crown vaccine can inoculate a solid build herd immunity barrier, epidemic prevention and control to consolidate the achievements, hope your nearest vaccination as soon as possible!" In the same city square An Lehai entrance, staff customers who have not yet vaccinated crown new vaccine register, and patient persuasion inoculated as soon as possible.

  It turned out that in addition to wearing a mask, an epidemic prevention measures such as health code, temperature measuring scan code are often actively responding to the government’s call, will mobilize the public to vaccinate the new crown vaccine work to the mall entrance, and help build a national epidemic situation Control safety barrier. Into the mall, LED screen playing epidemic prevention and control promotional video, broadcast every 10 minutes to remind customers to wear face masks, allowing residents to take personal protection in the shopping process. The mall hall, cleaning staff dispersed in different areas of the wipe escalator handles, floor cleaning, disinfection to the cashier.

"All regions have made the subdivision of the killing, with their own person in charge and murder account, the public bathroom has a special person responsible, ensuring that each area of ??the business is in place, providing customers with clean Neat shopping environment.

"An Lehai Town Square property with Xu Ping told reporters that the current increase in public areas and shopping malls disinfection frequency, daily disinfection of public facilities. It is understood that Tongan Industry and Information Bureau set up a special inspection team of super prevention and control, the use of front-line work France, the region’s 28 major-depth thorough investigation supermarkets, on health code inspection, wearing masks, body temperature measurement, registration personnel, ventilation disinfection, protective material reserves and other epidemic prevention and control work of the normalization of the implementation of continuous supervision and inspection. "Superman business traffic-intensive, large storage of goods, persons and things in and out of high-frequency, large potential risks, we can further investigate by examining vulnerabilities, make up the short board, the main responsibility for the prevention and control of compaction, did not miss any hint of potential risks. "Tongan Industry and Information Bureau official said. [Link] effort to ensure" food basket "stable guarantee for fresh fruits and vegetables, an array of food …… walked into Le Hai City Shopping Plaza supermarket, customers wearing masks orderly pushing a shopping cart orderly shopping; "Pocket" grocery shopping, office workers Ms Wong tap phones, dusty supermarket less than an hour home delivery door …… dishes will "go all out to ensure stable prices for, so that people ‘basket’ carry too stable.

"Tongan Industry and Information Bureau official said. Under the new situation of epidemic prevention and control, in order to effectively protect the basic living needs, Tongan" basket Office "continue to strengthen the organization and leadership, the requirements of the member units carry out their duties, in close collaboration ensure market supplies in terms of mass production, market access, market access out material transportation security, weather and other supply constantly, and cheap. In addition, the district also strengthen monitoring and early warning, the establishment of day scheduling mechanism, timely day statistical analysis supermarkets necessities of the market supply and demand, price fluctuations, commodity stocks, etc. At present, Tongan vegetable production area of ??about mu, daily production of about 700 tons, of which 16 outbreaks vegetable harvest insurance companies for the production of vegetables per day about t is worth noting that the logistics park located in Tongan Hongtang Taiwanese agricultural logistics center accounted for 80% of the overall supply of vegetable supply in Xiamen City, 3rd supply of vegetables to 5233 tons, effective protection of the region and even city the supply of vegetables. in addition, Tongan daily supply of meat over 12,000 kg, the overall market supply of adequate, stable prices, smooth flow.