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People’s Network Zhengzhou May 25th (Xu Chi, Shang Mingxi) Import and export level is steadily in the middle of the middle, the number of market mains, the first, cross-border e-commerce collection area construction level is steadily in the middle and west … May 25 On the day, Henan Province held the fifth press conference of the "New Journey to the 14th Five-Year Steps". Ma Jian, Party Secretary and Director of the Henan Provincial Bureau of Commerce, introduced the major achievements of the opening of the "Thirteen" period during the "13th Five-Year Plan" period, as well as the "14th Five-Year Plan" period. During "13th Five-Year Plan", Henan Province has actually absorbed foreign investment of $ 90.1 billion, and the provincial capital is from 100 billion yuan, respectively, the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan". Accumulated import and export trillion yuan, is the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan", the first place in the middle. The accumulated foreign investment exceeds 10 billion US dollars, which is the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan". In 2020, the province actually absorbs foreign billion US dollars, actually in place of the provincial capital fund billion, introducing domestic and foreign funds for many years to account for nearly a quarter of the whole society’s fixed asset investment; import and export billion yuan, ranking 10 people in the country, maintain The central part is first.

Zhengzhou Aviation Port Economic Integrated Experimental Area was identified as a national logistics hub in the Airport. The open leading leadership, system innovation, replication promotion, and policy linkage are further demonstrated. Zheng Luo New Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone gathering innovation leading enterprises, talents, platform, and institutions account for more than 50% of the province. Luoyang, Nanyang cross-border e-commerce comprehensive trial area was approved, and the construction level of cross-border e-commerce comprehensive trial area in Henan Province was in the first place in the middle and west.

National Big Data (Henan) comprehensive trial area forms "1 + 18" big data development spatial pattern.

The "Air Silk Road", the more flying over, Zhengzhou Airport passenger freighter ranked four consecutive years "Double First". The more running the Silk Road, the faster, the comprehensive indicator of China-EU (Zhengzhou) is ranked first in the country. "Online Silk Road" is more convenient, cross-border e-commerce "9710" "9810" B2B export mode smooth clearance. "Sea Silk Road" is getting more and more popular, and the sea-speed transport class is expanded. At the same time, Henan has 3 national ports, 9 functional ports, 5 integrated bonded areas, 4 bonded logistics centers, is the largest number of functional ports, the most complete inland province. Open enhancement main platforms such as the open area, high-tech zones, and industrial gathering areas have been further placed.

During the "13th Five-Year Plan" period, Henan "venting service" reform runs out of Henan acceleration. Foreign complaints the case rate is maintained at 90% all year round.

The province’s market has reached 7.81 million, ranking first in the country, first in the country.

As of the end of 2020, there were 189 500 companies in Henan, 172 China 500 companies. The superior open environment, not only attracts a large number of foreign enterprises, but also boosts Henan education, science and technology, agriculture, finance, transportation and other open levels further improvement.

During "13th Five-Year Plan", Henan successfully held the 4th China Henan International Investment and Trade Fair, 4th Global Cross-border E-Commerce Conference, and organized the government’s head of the Organization of the Organization (Prime Minister) Council’s 14th meeting, regional comprehensive economy Partnership Agreement (RCEP) 27th round of negotiations, international conferences such as Henan Global Promotion activities, group participation in national economic and trade activities such as entrance, service and trade fairs, Xia Xianhui, Henan Compliance Fair has become the opening of Henan Business cards, all localities have also held special economic and trade activities.

"The gates of Henan open, the more close and closer to the world, open experience is highly recognized by domestic brother provinces and cities. During the epidemic, there is no online docking cooperation with multiple countries and international organizations, and to show the world. Surperse, open confidence and determination.

"Ma Jian said that" 14th Five-Year Plan "and the future, Henan will regard" opening strong provinces "as an important part of the construction of socialist modernization, continuously improve the participation, linkage, linkage, linkage in high quality And influence, continue to create a more competitive inland open highlands, take the strong steps of opening strong construction, so that high levels are open to the Central Plains more fluent brightness color.

(Editor: Jiang Guo, Xu Chi).